Suzhou TaiFa Colorful-threads Weaving Co., Ltd.

Product introduction


The year 1956
Established Taiwan Taishan Dyeing & Weaving Factory Co., Ltd specialized in produce and design of the delicate silk products.

The year 1978
Marched into the top end market of the silk kimono in Japan as a major supplier, sales silk kimono enters into a heyday.    
The year 1992
Invested USD 7.2 million dollars to set up
Suzhou TaiFa Colorful-threads Weaving Co., Ltd. which is located in historical silk Land--Suzhou city.

The Year 2004
Expansion project for the factory was selected in the Wangshan Industrial Park and the modern factory covers a total area of more than 50 Mu with the building area of approx 30,000 square meters.

Today, the General Manager of the company, Mr. James Chang as the successor of the family business, has a sense of mission to further development based on the past achievement for the company to strive the principle of the Customer First, Quality Foremost, to realize the precision production and excellent services based on the traditional style merged with modern management.

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